WHEN:    Tuesday, Nov 20                   12:30pm – 2:00pm

WHERE:    2nd Ave between 42nd and 43rd                     (Across from the Israeli Consulate)

WHY:  Over the past week, the Palestinian terrorist groups in Hamas-controlled Gaza have fired hundreds of rockets into Israel. Over one million Israelis – around one-eighth of the Israeli population – have been endangered and forced to repeatedly seek safety in bomb shelters. Schools have been closed.  During the past 12 years, 13,000 rockets have been launched into Israel.  To finally stem these attacks, Israel has launched Operation Pillar of Defense to root out terrorist groups in Gaza and destroy stockpiles of weapons.  Unfortunately for both sides, Hamas hides and shoots its missiles from civilian areas, creating human shields; this is a war crime.

For more information: Avi Posnick – avip@standwithus.com Sarri Singer – sarri@stosglobal.org


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