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In a gymnasium on the campus of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, which is used for sports, concerts and normally happy and festive events of student life, I saw the future. It was in the form of a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) vote that passed overwhelmingly. The vote passed but will not take effect at this time because they did not get quorum (they needed over 600 students but they had a little over 400). I am told that the pending vote will be passed along to senate where its fate will be in the hands of that body. Regardless, one day soon, as on hundreds of campuses throughout the land, these and similar anti-civilization votes are or will be taking place. They are attended by hundreds of students, a good portion dressed in Islamic attire; some older students who do not appear to be students at all, angrier and more determined than your average Canadian student. Also in attendance are many Muslims and other supporters who are often bussed in by various religious and other groups, churches, unions, etc.

I thought to myself during the proceedings of that meeting that if you presented a bill on beheading, stoning of women, hanging of gays, the implementation of sharia law on campus, female genital mutilation, waging jihad, or crucifixion, this audience would shout their joy and rapture in a similar way at every motion leading to its passage.

Most of the time was spent on procedural matters – what order to address the business at hand. The audience desperately wanted to get to the BDS vote before the meeting of the McMaster Student Union General Assembly was over that evening. I am sure that never before had an MSU meeting garnered such a large and angry audience. The tension in the room was rife with hate and confrontation from those who wanted it passed right away. This was clearly a meeting exposing a fault line on this and other campuses: a tectonic shift of the Islamic community colliding with the weaker, lighter, and more vulnerable individuals opposing the motion. It was no contest and there was never any doubt that this motion would pass.

Throughout the land we are faced with the hate and ignorance that exists within the Jew-hate movement. For anyone who doubts that this is about Jews and not, as they claim, an isolated targeting of Israel, let me tell you that after the vote the students broke out into pandemonium and chants of “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea.” Free means free of Jews. Palestine, a country which never existed in fact but is only a name given to a geographical area administered by the British after the Ottoman collapse, is also a fakery of Arab dictators and followers of Hitler during World War II.

There are a few points that I would like to highlight about the events which happened last evening:


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