The Israel Defense Forces confirmed on Monday that one of their drones had crashed in southern Lebanon, just two week after another Israeli drone crashed into a Hezbollah media center in the city.

While Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah claimed to have shot down the drone, an IDF spokesman said that as far as the military knows, it simply fell.

“There is no concern that information could be [taken from the drone],” the IDF said in a statement, adding that it had been performing standard reconnaissance operations when it went down.

Hezbollah operatives said that they had “confronted with necessary weapons an Israeli drone,” which they claimed was now in their possession.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah vowed last week to begin attacking Israeli drones following the drone incident in Beirut last month. Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles into Israel on September 1 which narrowly missed a troop carrier, and Israel responded by pounding multiple Hezbollah targets with artillery and attack helicopters.

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