Israeli warplanes struck a Hamas compound and rocket-launching site in the Gaza Strip on Saturday in response to arson balloon attacks throughout the day, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

“The rocket-launching site was in a civilian area, once again emphasizing how Hamas endangers Palestinian civilians.”

The attacks from Gaza came a day after the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah launched 19 rockets at northern Israel. Three of the rockets came down in Lebanon and 16 crossed the border into Israel. Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system downed 10, with the remaining six falling in open areas.

The attack—the first rocket attack openly acknowledged by Hezbollah since the 2006 Second Lebanon War—was a response to Israeli airstrikesin southern Lebanon on Thursday.

The Israeli strikes targeted the launch sites used by a Palestinian terror faction on Wednesday to fire three Grad rockets from Lebanon at Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel. The Israeli Air Force also hit what it described as “infrastructure used for terror in Lebanon” and areas used by Palestinian factions to fire on Israel in the past as well.

The IDF said in a statement on Saturday that it would continue to “respond strongly” to attacks from the Gaza Strip.


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