An Israeli tank overlooks the demilitarized zone from the Golan Heights

An IDF patrol vehicle sustained some damage due to Syrian gunfire Monday. No injuries were reported.

The jeep was hit during a routine Golani patrol of the border. According to available details, the incident took place at 8:30 pm. The IDF filed an official grievance with UNIFIL.

It is believed that the fire was discharged as part of clashes between Syrian security forces and rebels.

The IDF stressed that it is highly unlikely that the Israeli military vehicle was the target.

An Israeli tank overlooks the demilitarized zone from the Golan Heights

Moments after the gunfire incident was reported, opposition sources in Quneitra, near the Syrian border, reported that two people were killed in the village of Beer Ajam when they were trying to extract civilians under siege by Assad’s forces.

The opposition source stressed that the clash took place within the demilitarized buffer zone between the two countries.

The incident followed a similar one that took place on Saturday, when three Syrian tanks, in pursuit of rebel forces, entered the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights, near the Israel-Syria border. The IDF filed an official complaint with UNIFIL, as well as raised the level of alert in the sector.

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz toured the Golan Heights on Sunday, following the incident.

Gantz, who was accompanied by senior GOC Northern Command officers, was reportedly able to look across the border and see the clashes between Syrian troops and rebel forces.

The past several months have seen several incidents of Syria mortar fire — fired as part of the bloody uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad — landing either near the border or in the Golan Heights.


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