As Israel Defense Forces work to close the terror tunnels dug by Gaza based Hamas, the Islamist party has resorted to using reconnaissance balloons to spy on Israel, even posting photos of them aloft onto the Hamas Facebook page.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 a senior IDF officer in the Southern Command said that Hamas has resolved to gather intelligence deep inside Israel, and not just on the border. To this end, the officer said, Hamas erected a line of poles to which balloons filled with helium and mounted with cameras are attached.

The officer emphasized that the observation balloons have alarming capability, and indicate that Hamas intends not only to strengthen its offensive capacity through building its rocket arsenal and continuing to dig tunnels leading into Israel, but also by collecting intelligence on military and civilian movements in Israel.

The officer also said that Israel recently allowed a large shipment of helium gas into Gaza for civilian use, the transfer of which may be rescinded if the intended use is to fuel more spy balloons.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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