The IDF announced on Friday that it was shutting down the field clinic it used to treat thousands of Syrians injured in the country’s seven-year civil war.

Mazor Ladach “relief for the suffering” field clinic was launched as part of “Operation Good Neighbor,” a project of the IDF to treat sick and injured Syrians started in 2013.

Since the field hospital opened in 2017, it treated 6,800 Syrians. Thousands more were brought inside Israel for medical care at hospitals in Israel’s north.

But since the Syrian government has completed their takeover of the area bordering Israel on the Golan Heights, it is now in charge and in control of civilians’ well-being.

Now that Mazor Ladach is closed, the northern border will be closed to Syrians, unless the war breaks out again.

The IDF stressed that the health care it provided was due to the “immediate risk” to the lives of civilians in the area, and was not an intervention in the war.