Reservists for air-defense units and two additional brigades of Israel Defense Forces were called to the Gaza border region following the launch of a long-range missile from Gaza, which destroyed a residential building and injured seven people, including three children.

The call-up will bring more than 1,000 additional Israeli soldiers to the Gaza border, and will be comprised of an infantry and an armored brigade.

Several reservists in the Iron Dome air-defense division and other select units were also called in.

Following the attack on Mishmeret in central Israel, which occurred at 5:20 a.m., Palestinian terror groups began immediately evacuating their positions throughout Gaza in anticipation Israeli counter-strikes.

Israeli military officials have already begun to hold briefings with heads of local government in communities near Gaza to prepare them for strikes and a serious uptick in violence along the border.

Though the IDF has not issued any specific safety instructions, it has encouraged all citizens to be prepared to find shelter immediately in the event of a siren.