By Larry Gordon

This is Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Today there are 360,000 Holocaust survivors still living around the world.  All are either in their 80’s and 90’s several thousand are over 100-years-old.

There are over 100,000 survivors living in Israel today.  In Brooklyn, New York alone there are over 18,000 survivors residing in that borough.

And here in New York anyway, there is a serious economic shortfall that has denied food service and health aides and health care services to Holocaust survivors.

This week New York State is passing a $212 billion budget covering expenses over the next year.  Included in that budget is $2.1 billion to cover expenses for housing, educating and feeding those who are residing in the US illegally.

Does that make sense?

American citizens who survived the horrors of World War 2 more than seventy years ago are left often in squalor and for any number of reasons are not receiving or have access to the food they need.  They went through a process in order to become American citizens and now they need the assistance of their government.

Men and women in their 80’s and 90’s are on a waiting list.  They are told they are on a list and to be patient.  What is this if not completely absurd?


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