The Impossible Burger

Two Five Towns restaurants are now serving the Impossible Burger, as are many kosher restaurants around the country.

The Impossible Burger is a vegan burger that most closely represents a real beef burger in nearly every way: taste, texture, and sight, except it’s made entirely from plants. According to their website, the Impossible Burger is made of “wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, and heme, which is responsible for the characteristic of taste and aroma of meat.”

While the real excitement for this burger for most kosher keepers will be to have it with real dairy cheese (opt for cheddar if available), there are many vegan and meat restaurants putting this burger on the menu too, giving vegetarians and vegans more options for dining out.

With the 9 Days approaching and the collective community generally abstaining from meat for the week, took the time to list all of the restaurants now serving the Impossible Burger.

In New York City the burger is available at:

  • Bravo Pizza – Queens (Dairy Restaurant- enjoy with real cheese)
  • Candle Cafe West – UWS (Pareve Restaurant)
  • Golan Heights – Washington Heights (Meat Restaurant- 9 Days only)
  • Holy Schnitzel – all locations (Meat Restaurant)
  • LolliBop Cafe – 5 Towns (Dairy Restaurant- enjoy with real cheese)
  • Shelly’s Cafe – Teaneck (Dairy Restaurant- enjoy with real cheese)
  • Yummy’s Pizza – Monsey (Dairy Restaurant- enjoy with real cheese)

See where the Impossible Burger is being served across the country at


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