A violent scene in Calgary, Canada, where an Israeli flag was used to throttle an Israel supporter across from a pro-Hamas rally. Photo: Sun News / Screenshot.

A pro-Hamas rally in Calgary, Canada, turned violent at the weekend, with a report of the extent of the brutality against supporters of Israel published on Wednesday by a dissident blogger who equated the hatred on display as being on par with what he experienced fleeing the civil war in Homs, Syria.

Aboud Dandachi, who has written about his support for Israel and is now living in Istanbul, wrote: “The account of the violence inflicted on the small group is sickening,” referring to a television interview of witnesses by Canada’s Sun News on Monday. After the opening clip of the melee, the Sun News announcer exclaimed, “This is Canada for G-d’s sake!”

Dandachi described the victims and drew comparisons to what bloodthirsty terror outfit ISIS had perpetrated in Syria

He said, “A middle-aged woman who had been recovering from surgery was repeatedly punched. A young man had the Israeli flag he was holding tied around his neck noose-like, and dragged along the streets. A young woman was set upon by no less than six thugs and beaten unconscious. Another young man had the shirt ripped off his back, was bitten and beaten into a concussion.”

“ISIS may not be in Canada yet, but their mindset is very much alive there,” he said.

“Let’s be very clear about what happened in Calgary that day; a small group of Jewish and non-Jewish activists got together to express their opinion on an issue, and were in no way interfering with the much larger ‘pro-Palestine’ demonstration expressing an opposing view.”

“But Calgary amply demonstrated that one doesn’t have to wave the ISIS flag or pledge bai’a to its Caliphate to share the group’s vicious and extremist mentality,” he said. “On that day, it wasn’t just a small group of Jews who were assaulted; it was the very core and definition of the values of Canadian society that were so blatantly and viciously violated.”

“The apathy of Calgary’s police was just as shocking as the assaults themselves,” Dandachi said. “No arrests were made in the aftermath of the brutal violence. Indeed, one of the Jewish victims of the barbaric violence was admonished by a Calgary police officer, who told him ‘when you’re wearing that [the Israeli flag] what do you expect is going to happen here?’

“And so it begins. The capitulation of every liberal society has always begun by justifying the actions of extremists. What did the young Calgarian expect to happen. What do Copts in Egypt expect to happen when they openly pray in their churches in a predominantly Muslim country. Why are they surprised when their churches are attacked and burned. What does a woman living in Raqqa expect to happen when she doesn’t wear the burqa. Why is she surprised when ISIS thugs whip her in public. What does a KFC franchise in the Lebanese city of …read more

Source: The Algemeiner


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