By Larry Gordon

You don’t have to plumb the depths of diplomacy to understand why there is no traction in the Israel-Palestinian peace process, two-states for two people living side by side and so on and so on.  You do not have to wonder out loud or torture you internal voice or conscience to understand what is wrong here.

All you have to do is absorb one small underpublicized detail of President Obama’s trip to Israel this week and you will instantly achieve clarity.  And that detail is about today’s, Thursday’s rather short drive from Jerusalem and the quaint and vivacious atmosphere of the King David Hotel in what is usually referred to as the center of the city to the seat of power in the so-called Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Those who reside in homes in the Palestinian areas route from Jerusalem to Ramallah were forced to leave their homes for security reasons.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Any apartment buildings or private homes where Palestinian Arabs reside that were on the Presidential route had to be evacuated.   It is a stunning piece of security information that needs to be put in proper context.

And that is that the Secret Service determined that the average everyday Palestinian could not be trusted with as little as just being home while the well protected motorcade of the President simply drives by an everyday unassuming Arab home on the way to Ramallah.

And that’s not all.  The so-called Palestinian security forces that patrol the PA were sent out of Ramallah with their weapons that are furnished by Israel and paid for by the USA.  Security for the president’s visit to the city and his talks President Mohammad Abbas were provided exclusively by over 500 Secret Service agents, US military personnel and Israel security services.  It is important o emphasize that it was determined by US security officials that any well trained Palestinian police staff with a gun—or even without a gun—was not allowed anywhere within any type of reach or access to the President.

What else needs to be said? Is this what a future peace partner for Israel looks like?  If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny. 


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