Dear Ahuva,

I am so proud of myself that I didn’t “cheat” this week because I had a crazy week full of simchas. I mean I may have taken more food, but it was all things that are “on the plan.” I was so disappointed when I got on the scale and saw that I hadn’t lost any weight—and even gained weight. What’s going on?


Dieting and Gaining

Dear Dieting and Gaining,

Nutrition by Tanya is different than other plans out there. Rather than “banning” foods, we consider ourselves a lifestyle where we allow most foods in moderation. Therefore, if you aren’t practicing portion control, you really are not on the diet! For example, we recommend 10–20 almonds as a snack depending on your specific metabolism, etc. If you are nibbling on nuts mindlessly throughout the day, you are not on the plan. Same with dried fruit. We recommend one ounce of dried fruit on occasion. If you are noshing out of a dried fruit package, you are not on plan!

This is a mindset shift for many dieters who are so used to being told that certain foods are bad and certain foods are good. We call this dieting baggage. But if you are struggling to lose weight despite being “on plan,” reread your plan and take a look at your portion sizes. They may have inadvertently grown, and the extra calories are likely holding you back.

The good news is that since you are already refraining from a lot of calorie-laden foods, cutting back won’t necessarily take much more of your self-control. It will just take more focused attention to detail, and you will be back to losing weight! Simcha-packed weeks are challenging; remember, resistance is key! The more you resist the tempting foods, the more self-control you build for yourself.

Best of luck and stay strong!



Remember, we’re here for you! Call, text, or e-mail, whether it’s with questions or just for support.

Wishing you a healthy and TAPtastic week!



Nutrition by Taya

Ahuva Silver is a nutrition counselor and manager at Nutrition by Tanya. Ahuva makes everyone feel so welcome and comfortable, as well as motivated and encouraged. Ahuva’s motto is that taking care of yourself will make you a better and happier person, parent, spouse, and friend. It is never too late to start!

For more information on Nutrition by Tanya, including the 12 NBT locations, or the TAP (Tanya-approved products) food line, please visit or call 844-Tanya-Diet (844-826-9234). For daily tips and inspiration, follow @nutritionbytanya on Instagram.

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