Anat Fisher Tsin and Danny Danon

Israeli diplomat Anat Fisher Tsin was elected to serve in the coming year as deputy chair of the U.N. Economic and Financial Council.

Tsin was elected on the same day as the United Nations elected the next president of the General Assembly, Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations Tijjani Muhammad-Bande,  along with the heads and deputies of the organization’s various committees.

The selection of Tsin on Tuesday was the latest in recent successes of Israel at the world body. In 2016, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon was elected to serve as chairman of the U.N. Legal Committee, the first time in the history of the organization that Israel led a permanent committee.

Danon congratulated Fisher Tsin on her election, saying, “This is further proof that we are changing the U.N.’s hostile atmosphere. The election of Anat adds to the many victories we have reached in recent years that promote the status of the State of Israel in the international community.”