The emotional funerals of an young Orthodox  Jewish couple who both died in a horrific hit-and-run car crash, but were  survived by their premature baby son, took place on Sunday  afternoon.

The driver of a BMW slammed into the  car  carrying Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21, at an intersection in  the  Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The seven-months pregnant woman was feeling  ill so headed to hospital with her husband early Sunday when the car they were  riding in was hit, killing them both.

Their baby boy was delivered by emergency  caesarean and survived, yet remains in a serious condition in  hospital.

Jewish law calls for burial of the  dead as  soon as possible, and hours after their deaths, the Glaubers  were mourned at a  funeral on Sunday.

The funerals took place in Brooklyn, which is  home to the largest  community of ultra-orthodox Jews outside Israel, more than  250,000.

The  community has strict rules governing  clothing, social customs and  interaction with the outside world. Men wear dark  clothing that includes a long coat and a fedora-type hat and often have long  beards and ear  locks.

Hundreds of members of the Satmar community  gathered shoulder to  shoulder on the street outside, men in hats and women in  shawls or head  coverings, nearly everyone in black.

The sound of wailing filled the  street as  the two black-draped coffins were carried from a vehicle.

After the funeral began, a speaker  sobbed  uncontrollably, his voice choked with grief and echoing over  loudspeakers set  up outside.

Source: The Daily Mail


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