Innocent Civilians

Based on the international community’s logic it is incumbent upon us to support Al Qaida against the United States in the ongoing war on terror. Our thought process and approach needs to be consistent. Many more Al Qaida terrorists or guerillas, as they call them, have been killed in action than Americans.

That seemed to be the contention and an attempted winning argument when a BBC reporter questioned Israel MK Yair Lapid yesterday. The BBC man believed he had both a convincing and winning argument when he challenged Lapid on the fact 260 Arabs had died in Gaza fighting while one Israeli had died over ten days of the Hamas bombardment of Israeli cities.

Based on BBC logic we probably have to support Ukrainian separatists who downed a Malaysia bound 777 aircraft yesterday because more of them have died than those fighting for Ukrainian independence from Russia. It is a twisted illogical way of thinking.

THE UN has cautioned Israel to be careful in Gaza about increased Arab casualties while unable to reach consensus language that criticizes Syria for butchering over 150,000 of its own citizens over the last few years. This is a display of sterling hypocrisy.

And on another matter, what is this obsession on Israel’s part with acknowledgement from other countries that Israel has a right to defend itself. Who but those who hope for the destruction of Israel would deny any sovereign country to exercise that right? Yet that is all Prime Minister Netanyahu seems busy with, ascertaining the consent from world leaders that Israel has that right. Why does he need that and who cares if anyone denies Israel that right?

And one more thing, on that matter of innocent civilians in Gaza. This has to be the most exaggerated and overblown issue of them all. Having rocket launches and arsenals stored in your basement or in the backyard of your home, under your shop or in your neighborhood mosque is unlikely to happen on such a wide scale without complicity on the part of the people.

Let’s not buy this wholesale nonsense about innocent civilians. The Hamas leadership is underground or in other countries. Who is forcing locals to keep rockets in their rec (wrecked) rooms? Somehow innocent civilians and stored in home missiles is a difficult image to conjure.

by Larry Gordon


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