HALB - Intergeneration Family Tree Craft

An amazing, unique, and much beloved program takes place annually at HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center–Intergeneration Day. Every fall, the call goes out to grandparents and great-grandparents to assemble in the SKA gym. Many respond, coming from as far away as Israel, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh or as close as Woodmere and Hewlett. There they sit and shepnachas as they watch and listen raptly to their treasures, the Lev Chana kindergarteners, perform a medley of songs. They then join their grandchildren at various centers in creating beautiful memories to take home. The children smile widely and wave happily as they spot their beloved grandparent, while the grandparents wave back and whip out their smartphones in anticipation of their performance. Family portraits taken in front of a beautiful colorful backdrop, created by the kindergarten children, are eagerly awaited by grandparents as they check their mail for the special manila envelope with the familiar Lev Chana return address.

The guests were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the program. Mrs. Joyce Weiss, Ariella Melohn’s grandmother, who flew in from warm and sunny Los Angeles, commented, “As a teacher, I have done grandparents’ day. Today was calm, relaxed, no pressure, and we enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you for inviting us.” Sammy Butler’s grandmother, Nina Butler, a principal in a day school, drove in from Pittsburgh to spend an hour with her grandson to create “priceless jewelry, family trees, and enjoy a musical presentation.” Max Karkowsky’s grandfather, Irving Goldfinger, succinctly summed up the sentiments of many there when he said, “I have been a HALB parent and grandparent for 35 years. I just want to say thank you to the HALB Yeshiva for doing such a great job. My older kids, who are now grown and who have their own children, are doing fantastic. I want to thank the HALB family for making them into the men they are today.” A fantastic time was had by all. We can’t wait until next fall.


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