By Ted Belman

On June 5, 2013, The Law Faculty of Bar Ilan U held a conference on International Law and Israel. It was the first conference of a series of annual conferences aimed at exploring the growing gap between international law as it is often applied to Israel vs. how it is understood in the rest of the world.

Prof.Stephen Plaut reported on a paper presented by Eugene Kotorovich which showed that the so called law applied to settlers in Judea and Samaria was not the law applied to other settlers around the world. Kontorovich, I might add is making aliyah this summer with his wife and four childrens.

Eugene Kantorovich is one dang interesting academic! He is professor of constitutional law at Northwestern University. He is a blogger for the “Volokh Conspiracy.” And he often writes about international law and Israel.

He recently lectured in Israel at Bar Ilan University on the subject of “settlers.” The paper he presented documents the many cases of settlers and settlements being erected in “occupied territories” and about which there are no international criticism and no demands for their removal. The only “settlers” over which the world is upset are Jews who are living in their historic homeland, in lands taken by Israel in its defensive wars. He talked about the Russian settlers in Abkhazia in Georgia, and Russians in the Baltic countries. He talked about Indonesian settlers in Timor. He talked about Vietnamese settlers in Cambodia, and Turkish settlers in Cyprus and Syrian settlers in Lebanon. He talked about Moroccan settlers in Western Sahara. And in every case he showed how the world legitimized and recognized the presence of settlers as legitimate. He even described how the world agreed that the Moroccan settlers vote in the referendum in Western Sahara, with the predictable pro-Moroccan result. Jimmy Carter and the US State Department saw nothing amiss with that.

In NO other cases of settlers or settlers has the demand been raised that the settlers be removed or evicted. Only when it comes to Jews in their own homeland.

I hope to be able to post more on this worthwhile conference.

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