YH: So Rabbi Goodman, I understand that you have recently translated what has been described as “Rav Aharon Kotler’s favorite Sefer.”

RG:  Yes, I was always fascinated by that sefer, “Niflaos MiToras Hashem Yisboroch” ever since I heard Rav Aharon Kotler greatly praised it and called it a segulah for Yiras Shamayim.

YH: What does the sefer do exactly?

RG: He proves that nobody but Hashem could have written the Torah because many enigmatic or unclear sentences become perfectly clear when you realize that they allude to events in the days of Dovid or Shlomo centuries after the Torah was given.

YH: What can you tell me about its author?

RG: There is almost nothing known about him, although his father moved to Eretz Yisroel and was recognized as a gadol.  Also the maharil Diskin, it is said, only gave three haskamos inn his life — and this is one of them.

YH: Who else gave it a haskama?

RG: Rav Yitzchok Elchonon Spector — then the Gadol HaDor.

YH: The Hebrew of the Sefer, from what I have seen, is rather very long.  How did you deal with that in your translation?

RG: I carefully read an entire page, digested it and then summarized it.  And made it more readable without leaving out any essential idea.

YH: Were you giving shiurim in this sefer?

RG: In my shul between mincha and maariv we covered most of it over a period of eight years.  It was then that I kept saying that somebody has to translate this classic.

YH: Did you get haskamos for your translation?

RG: Yes, Rav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, Rav Eitan Feiner, Rav Doviid Cohen and Rav Yehoshua Kalish.

YH: Did you ever hear of the sefer while you were in Yeshiva?

RG: No.  I found out about it a few decades ago.  I am sorry I can’t recall who recommended it.

YH: Rav Shneur used to quote this sefer I understand.

RG: Well his father was a big proponent of it, so I am sure his entire family read it.

YH: Is there any particularly poignant point that you remember offhand?

RG: My favorite is “Ki yakom ish al rayaihu lehargo b’armah me’im mizbachi tikacheno lamus.”  This strange description exactly took place centuries later with Yoav killing Amasa with trickery and being pulled away from the altar for his execution.

YH: Where is this sefer available?

RG: At my home or on Amazon.com by typing in Yitzchak M. Goodman

YH: Great!  Thank you for joining us.

RG: Thank you.marvels

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