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By Martin Sherman, JPOST

Fifty-one percent of the respondents polled in the survey indicated that Binyamin Netanyahu was the candidate most suited to be prime minister. 28% stated that Isaac “Buji” Herzog is most suited… — Channel 2 poll, February 16

Israel’s democracy is under assault… The greatest danger to Israeli democracy emanates from those masquerading as its champions. — From “Distorting democracy,” The Jerusalem Post, July 28, 2011

Over the last few weeks, Israeli democracy has been under brutal and sustained attack in a desperate effort to subvert the will of the people.

Coup attempt by media not military

What we are witnessing is, in effect, little less than an attempt at a bloodless coup d’état — conducted, not by the military, but by the messianic, indeed manic, mainstream media, buttressed by affiliated like-minded civil society elites, in a frenzied effort to impose their minority worldview on the nation.

Enraged by their inability to rally sufficient public support, on substantive policy issues, to unseat the object of their visceral enmity, Benjamin Netanyahu, and nonplussed by the tenacity of his “delinquent” hold on the premiership, despite their undisguised loathing, his political rivals have despaired of removing him from office by normal electoral means.

Instead, they have descended into an unprecedented nadir of mean-spirited malevolence in Israeli public life.

Rather than engaging in a substantive debate on how to conduct the affairs of the nation, they have embarked on a dishonorable — the less charitable might say “disgraceful” — attempt to oust a prime minister by means of a maelstrom of petty and pernicious ad hominem attacks. These have been directed not only against Netanyahu but, principally, against his spouse, who — whatever her character defects may (or may not) be, is hardly a relevant factor in determining his ability to govern.

Ignoring ISIS, Iran and Islamists…

Devoid of any persuasive policy alternative of real substance, and of alternative candidate of authentic stature, Netanyahu’s left-leaning detractors have mobilized to exploit their unelected positions of power and privilege to launch a massive media blitz against him and his wife — with the naked intention of degrading his political stature by denigrating his/her alleged personal excesses.

Thus, in a country gearing for elections, facing the specter of a nuclear Iran, an ascendant Islamic State threatening stability in Jordan, an Islamist takeover of much of Syria, the deployment of Iranian-bolstered Hezbollah forces on the Golan, growing jihadist dominance of Sinai, and burgeoning anti-Semitism across Europe, the national media somehow found it appropriate to focus almost exclusively on “strategically crucial” issues such as who received (gasp) $1,000 paid for recycled bottles from the PM’s official residence, whether Sara Netanyahu’s hairdos were excessively costly, or whether the prime minister’s garden furniture had been purchased in strict accordance with prescribed guidelines.

Really? While I would not wish to belittle, in anyway, the need for personal integrity of public officials and for keeping a stringent lookout to ensure the judicious use of taxpayers’ hardearned money — what we witnessed in the recent days was not a display of unbiased …read more

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