By Mark Blechner, CEO

Chanukah is the celebration of the Jewish people coming from the darkness into the light. And since I work in the lighting business, I’ve been bringing folks into the light for more than 40 years!

I’ve seen so many changes in lighting technology over the decades, but nothing is like the development of the LED chip in lighting technology which has created incredible breakthroughs for everyone, and especially for the Orthodox Jewish community.

We have been excited about the acceptance of our SHABBOSLITE® models by some 4,000 consumers worldwide in just the past six months.

We are the “People of the Book,” but we also know it is hard to read a book or sefer on Shabbos unless you’ve got a really great light to read by without disturbing others, especially on these long winter Friday nights.

When LED chip technology came out in desk lamps, I realized that it could be the foundation for a new kind of Shabbos lamp, one that would make reading on Shabbos easier than ever — an enhancement of one’s oneg Shabbos!

So I went to work developing a maneuverable, adjustable, lightweight halachically acceptable Shabbos lamp that could be used worldwide. It would have to include many user-friendly features so that the lamp would be used not only on Shabbos, but all week — a truly versatile LED reading lamp. The lamp would also have to meet the highest worldwide safety standards for LED lighting.

Voilà, SHABBOSLITE® is born! The two SHABBOSLITE® models — Table and Clip-on — have haskamos from leading rabbis respected for their technological and halachic know-how, both in Israel and the United States.

The way we’ve incorporated the LED chip technology in the design means that the printed text practically jumps off the page due to its clarity from the LED chip’s crisp white light. Everything is easier to read, from your favorite newspaper to a sefer, book, or magazine—regular or small print.

Even kids are taking the lamp to camp, so they can read in their bunks on Shabbos and weeknights after lights out.

The E-Z Slide Shutter˜ lets you mechanically “dim” the light or even simulate turning “off” the light on Shabbos. You can use your SHABBOSLITE® for reading, for ambient light, or even as a nightlight. I’ve never seen a lighting product so versatile and beneficial for the shomer Shabbos consumer.

Indeed, Chanukah is the festival of lights. What more appropriate and useful gift could you give than the most wonderful, halachically approved SHABBOSLITE® in the world today?

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