Members of the Inwood community recently gathered for a siyum haShas for the third consecutive year. Annually, the entire Shas Bavli is broken up into sections to be taken on by a broad array of over 50 people to collectively learn over the year, including bar mitzvah age boys.

The program which was initiated by the Inwood community, and spearheaded by R’ Yehuda Zachter, has now become an international component of the upcoming global Agudath Israel Siyum HaShas to be held on January 1, 2020. The program, named “Chavrei HaSiyum,” is the concept of permitting ba’al habatim all over the world to not only be spectators at the Siyum HaShas but to be participants. Chavrei HaSiyum is designed to increase kviyas itim laTorah in a way that motivates, unites, and empowers every kehilah and every individual through Torah learning.

The concept is to use the excitement of the Siyum HaShas as a motivator to increase limud haTorah in Klal Yisrael in more ways than just Daf Yomi. It is based on two central components: (1) joining as a group (2) with a focus on a siyum. To date we have 5,650 lomdim with Chavrei HaSiyum comprised of 131 groups finishing Shas 73 times
Enumerating the members of the siyum, R’ Avrumi Robinson finished the final masechta and said the hadran. Immediately afterwards, R’ Gud Meir Adler began Maseches Brachos indicating our community’s collective desire to not just finish but continue to start anew.

Rabbi Zvi Ralbag spoke at this event and commented that the kiddush Hashem and achdus that springs from the Inwood community is a source of inspiration for the entire Far Rockaway/Five Towns community. The rav of Bais Tefila of Inwood, Rav Pinchus Weinberger, also spoke and noted how delightful it is to be a part of a community dedicated to Torah V’Avodah.

From delightful charcuterie board appetizers to lively dancing and niggunim from R’ Dovi Brazil, the siyum was a momentous occasion. It stands as a moment in time to reflect what can be accomplished as a community can seldom be done alone.

The community takes great pride at this annual event and looks, b’ezras Hashem, to continue doing so for many years to come. The gala siyum was sponsored l’iluy nishmas Reb Moshe Yitzchak ben Meir HaKoen. 


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