Honorees Adam and Mickey Mayer with President Pinny Ackerman and Rav Pinchus Weinberger
Honorees Adam and Mickey Mayer with President Pinny Ackerman and Rav Pinchus Weinberger

Bais Tefilla of Inwood (“BTI”) and the entire Inwood community marked another milestone this past week with their 4th Annual Dinner, held at the Inwood Country Club on Sunday evening. The community and its friends and supporters from near and far all gathered to honor the distinguished honorees, Mr. and Mrs. Avraham (Adam) Mayer and Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Freedman. Both of them were chosen as representing the genuine values and avodas ha’klal that embody what the community stands for.

The dinner was a resounding success, and all attendees left with a profound sense of pride and amazement at the continued robust growth of the Inwood kehillah. The shul utilized the evening as a time to recognize the strides they took in their short history but were inspired to continue strengthening their drive to grow. Avraham Mayer encouraged the kehillah to strengthen in their avodas Hashem and limud haTorah, and Shmuel Freedman spoke of the incredible hakaros ha’tov the shul members, as a youthful group, owe to their parents. He paid tribute to their chinuch and declared that we owe them so much.

Many would agree though that what makes BTI such a special makom Torah u’tefillah is not just the sheer number of members but also the incredible achdus, chesed, and limud HaTorah that has become so commonplace. The Inwood community displayed incredible courage and strength in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and, as the president, Pinny Ackerman, put it during his opening remarks, “a model for community support in the wake of a natural disaster.” The incredible outpouring of support and assistance from the Inwood kehillah was felt by the entire Five Towns community.

Under the tutelage of the shul’s rav, Rav Pinchus Weinberger, shlita, the shul has a community discretionary fund, a loan gemach, and a flourishing N’shei, and holds regular weekly and Shabbos shiurim, and a night kollel. The capstone is a community initiative, distinct from the shul, to a mikveh taharah for the benefit of this young, burgeoning community.

And it is because of all these accomplishments and the communitywide drive to do even more and do even better that all attendees were inspired at what a growing and motivated community can accomplish in such a relatively short time.

For more information about Bais Tefilla of Inwood, please feel free to check their website at www.inwoodshul.com. v


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