(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to As of today, Iran could produce a sufficient quantity of uranium for a nuclear bomb by using its installed centrifuges and low enriched uranium stockpiles in as little as one month, a report by the U.S. Institute for Science and International Security has found.

Using its existing equipment and uranium stockpiles, Iran could produce “sufficient quantity in as little as approximately 1.0-1.6 months, if it uses all its near 20 percent low enriched hexafluoride stockpile,” according to the report.

The report said that since October 2012, Iran has steadily expanded the number of centrifuges installed at both its Fordow and Natanz gas centrifuge plants. Additionally, Iran has started installing its more advanced centrifuge model, the IR-2m centrifuge, at the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant. It is those “substantial changes” that merited the new report on the Iran nuclear program, the authors stated.


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