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(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday held a series of
interviews with European media outlets with the aim of convincing EU countries
not to lift Iran sanctions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives interviews to European media from his office, urging EU countries not to lift Iran sanctions. Credit: YouTube.

From his office in Jerusalem, Netanyahu spoke to leading media outlets including
France’s Le Monde, the British Financial Times, Germany’s ARD,
French television channel TV24 and
Britain’s Sky News.

“No deal is better than a bad deal, and a bad deal would be a partial
agreement which lifts sanctions off Iran and leaves them with the ability to
enrich uranium or to continue work on their heavy water plutonium, which is
what is needed to produce nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu told The Financial Times.

“Don’t give up now, finish the job, let it take effect,” Netanyahu said.
“Don’t give up now, and don’t say later that I didn’t warn you.”


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