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Amid Iran’s new promise to pay terrorists:


JERUSALEM, Feb. 26 — The first predicted fallout from the Iranian nuclear deal is beginning to strike the Middle East and will ultimately spread around the world, with Iran’s announcement that it will pay the families of Palestinian terrorists who kill Israelis $7,000 per victim, the founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship), Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, said today.

Eckstein today said the lifting of the economic sanctions on Iran in conjunction with the nuclear accord paved the way for Iran to free funds to now incentivize Palestinian terrorists and support radical Islamic terrorism worldwide.

“It comes as no surprise that with the freeing of billions of dollars under the nuclear deal, Iran is using its newfound wealth to create havoc and fund terror in Israel, in Europe, the United States and beyond,” Eckstein said. “Money freed under this terrible deal is being used to incentivize terror. Iran now has the means to foment more and more violence in Israel, across the Middle East, and around the world.”

In the months before the Iranian nuclear accord was reached last year, The Fellowship enlisted hundreds of thousands of its Christian supporters across the United States to implore Congress to prevent the deal.

The Fellowship also produced a viral video paying homage to the 1964 presidential campaign TV ad showing a little girl picking daisies until a nuclear bomb detonates. The 2015 version featured a nuclear countdown in Farsi with published Iranian government threats to destroy Israel and the West.

Eckstein blasted the U.S. decision to “kick the can down the road” with the nuclear deal, urging the U.S. to reconsider imposing new economic sanctions against Iran in order to prevent even further support for global terror, and to galvanize a renewed campaign to fight radical Islamic terrorism worldwide.

“If these Iranian payouts to terrorists spur even more terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli civilians, G-d forbid, then the blood of victims will be on the hands of those who signed this terrible deal,” Eckstein said of the U.S. and the P5+1 nations that ratified the accord. “The U.S. and those who allowed the nuclear deal must be prepared to deal with its implications.”

Since the outbreak last fall of the latest wave of Palestinian terror against Israelis including stabbings, shootings and car attacks, The Fellowship has allocated nearly $200,000 to provide financial and medical aid to terror victims and their families. The Fellowship said today it would recommit itself to that humanitarian effort in the face of Iran’s latest threat.

About The Fellowship

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) in 1983 to promote better understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews, and build broad support for Israel. Today, IFCJ is the world’s largest organization of Christians actively working with Jews to support Israel and the Jewish people. Since its founding, The Fellowship has raised close to $1.25 billion for this work. The organization has offices in the U.S., Israel, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and South Korea. For more information please visit


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