The only difference between al Maliki and Assad is that US President Obama personally installed and armed the Iranian stooge al Maliki as the new Shiite Saddam.

By Mark Langfan, INN

On January 10th 49 BCE, Roman General Julius Caesar crossed south over the red Rubicon river with his army. An all-out-to-the-death Roman civil war was inevitable.

On April 23, 2013, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki’s Shiite tanks fired and murdered at least 23 unarmed Sunni protesters in the northern city of Hawijah as his tanks crossed red rivers of Sunni blood. An all-out-to-the-death Iraqi civil war is inevitable.

Al Maliki’s penchant for the mass-murder of innocent protesters shares the same religious genocidal lineage as Assad: they are both Shiite stooges of Iran. Al Maliki, Assad, and their Iranian puppet-masters will stop at nothing, and murder millions of Sunnis without a single thought. The only difference between al Maliki and Assad is US President Obama personally installed and armed the Iranian stooge al Maliki as the new Shiite Saddam.

How did we get here? Well, President Bush really launched two different invasions of Iraq: one announced, and one unannounced. The announced war was to take down Saddam. The unannounced war was to take down the entire Iraqi Sunni power structure. Then, instead of letting Iraq fall into three natural ethnically homogenous democratic-or-so parts, Bush laid the groundwork for a Shiite-Iranian dictatorship. President Obama completed the foundation, and empowered a known Iranian stooge to be the new Shiite dictator of Iraq with billions in oil revenue and zillions of oil reserves and gas. To make matters worse, America sold the Iranian stooge billions of Abrams M1 tanks that will now be used, by Iran’s lackey, as Sunni killing machines.

So, not only did President Obama anoint the newest Shiite Iranian robot, murderer Nouri al Maliki, he armed him with the latest and greatest American mass-killing machines. Just wait until al Maliki whips out his Obama-Apache helicopter “crowd control” Gatling guns. That should make the Sunnis love America. And the craziest part is the Muslim world is 85% Sunni. But somehow, you don’t hear a word from President Obama denouncing the use of American military equipment to mass murder innocent Muslim civilians.

This only shows the utter hypocrisy of the Anti-Israel movements in general and of President Obama in particular. When Israel uses non-military tractors which accidentally kill somebody who purposefully throws themselves in the way, the Code Pink people go crazy. But, when Shiite Muslims mow down Sunni Muslims with hardcore American military hardware, the Code Pink crazies don’t say a single word.

I fully expect Code Pink to disappear when Muslims are mass-murdered by other Muslims. (They only want to excoriate peaceful Jews for defending themselves.) However, I, as an American citizen, demand the President of the United States not to duck and cover, but to explicitly condemn al Maliki’s mass-murder of civilians, and revoke all other arms deals to Iraq including Obama’s soon-to-be-delivered F-16s. But rather, concerning Iraq, President Obama makes the …read more
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