(JNS.org) The IRS has been found to have audited at least five pro-Israel organizations, an investigation by the Washington Free Beacon has revealed. Some of the organizations allege that the Obama Administration may have purposefully coordinated the IRS’ actions in a new development of the ongoing scandal. Many of these organizations clashed with the government’s opposition to Israeli construction beyong the green line.

It is not illegal for charitable organizations to contribute money to groups or people beyond the Green Line, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Z Street, a Pennsylvania pro-Israel group, was told by the IRS in 2010 that its tax approval application was taking a long time because auditors were required to inspect more thoroughly any groups
“connected with Israel…to determine whether the organization’s activities contradict the administration’s public policies.”

In addition to auditing by the IRS, lobby groups aligned with the White House have criticized the organizations’ tax-exempt status in the media. “Our concern at that time was that these articles…may have reflected an evolving policy shift in the Obama administration to scrutinize charitable giving by organizations on behalf of Jewish communities and institutions over the Green Line,” said Jerusalem-based attorney Marc Zell.

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Source: JNS.org


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