A real-estate salesman is suing his former boss for urinating on his clothes, biting him, and throwing shoes, scissors and staplers at him.

Albert Sultan, of Eatontown, New Jersey, claims that Jack Terzi forced him to work 12-hour days, Monday through Friday, and 26 Sundays a year, according to the New York Post and NY Daily News.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court this week, the 24-year-old alleges he was not allowed vacation or sick days during his three years at Jack Terzi Real Estate in New York City and was regularly fined for office ‘violations’.

Sultan was forced to pay $15 for every minute he was late to work and $30 for every minute he left early. The fine would soar to $1,000 if the employee missed a Sunday or ‘failed secretarial duty’.

Sultan claims he was regularly referred to as a ‘f*****g idiot,’ a ‘lowlife’ and a ‘piece of s**t’.

Jack Terzi allegedly forced Sultan to work 12-hour days, Monday through Friday, and 26 Sundays a year

But, as well as claiming that he was verbally abused, Sultan says he was ‘physically assaulted’, bitten, and had a shoe, scissors and a stapler hurled at him, the suit says.

On one occasion, Terzi ‘urinated on a garment which belonged to [Sultan] in front of third persons,’ and, on another, ‘poured shavings’ on to his employee’s breakfast.

The suit alleges that Terzi ‘sneezed in plaintiff’s face in a contemptuous fashion on multiple occasions.’

Sultan is seeking $129,320 in unpaid wages and commission and $5million in damages. He is also asking for a four-year non-compete agreement which he was forced to sign to be declared void.

This agreement prevented him for working for another real estate agency for four years.

But Terzi’s lawyer has denied the allegations, claiming that Sultan is a disgruntled employee who stole confidential information from the company to start his own business.  “In an attempt to distract the court from his wrongdoing, Mr. Sultan has responded with a baseless and personal attack on Mr. Terzi,” an attorney at the firm of Sills Cummis & Gross said.

Terzi has filed a counter-suit, claiming that Sultan was a disloyal employee and asking for a court order enforcing the non-compete agreement.


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