What Christians can Expect under Islamic Rule

Islamists use knives instead of Zyklon B for their Final Solution to the Christian problem; human sacrifices to Allah
by Tamar Yonah
Posted by Bill Levinson

The Egyptian butcher examines the row of the young and old men who were about to be slaughtered: Armenian Christians, Syrian Christians, Shiites and even Sunnis. Each had to be physically examined. They are decapitated from the root of their necks, their chest cavities are opened and disemboweled and hung upside down. The neck of the aged Christian Armenian man was a simple one.

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What Christians can Expect under Islamic Rule


The slaughterhouses in Syria are really centers for ritual human sacrifices. Rescue Christians even obtained footage to prove this as well:

In the video, which is filmed at yet another unknown slaughterhouse, the executioner declares this prayer before making the slaughter:

In defense of the Sunnis O Lord, O Lord, We bring these offerings to you, O Lord. Please accept this sacrificial offering, O Lord. O Lord, accept this from us, accept this from us. In the name of Allah. Bismillah (In the name of Allah). Allahu Akbar

The victims could be shot or slaughtered, but one thing is true, these are ritualistic killings.

The REAL Christ Killers

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