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This is an important summary of the work of Bat Ye’or on the issue of Islam in EuropeInterview by Giovanni Bat Yeor Quer  Giovanni Quer Muslim minorities in Europe demanding more independence to manage their internal affairs. What, in your opinion, the cause of their dissatisfaction with the legal, political and social provided by European states?

Bat Ye’or Muslim immigrants come from countries governed by the rules of traditional Islamic and belong to a civilization that has shaped the attitudes, thinking and behavior according to the values and conceptions of the Sharia. Some immigrants have the strength to break away from the packaging but most remain faithful to their traditions.

The rules of Sharia create a society that is opposed in almost all areas mentalities and western lifestyle. This applies not only to gender equality and sexual freedom but also politics, religion, education, science. In addition, the Qur’an and Hadith (sacred scriptures of Islam) forbid Muslims to adopt the behavior of Christians and Jews. This prohibition is declared in the first chapter of the Qur’an which is repeated five times a day at every prayer. These reasons led the Muslim world to reject the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 1948), inspired by the universal European values and non-religious, and to reaffirm its place the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights ( 1990) which items comply strictly with religious precepts of the Shariah.

Also rejection of Western mores, there are two other main reasons this refusal:

1) the religious tradition of contempt for Christians which must be subjected to Islamic supremacy as it was applied during thirteen centuries and still today.

2) the religious obligation to impose Sharia law to non-Muslims to establish Islamic system of justice and peace and the kingdom of God to the world.

GQ A growing number of European states are in favor of the adoption of Sharia law, at least in the court of arbitration of family law such as the United Kingdom. What this change will he succeed?

BY In a democracy, justice and the law must be the same for all. Different regulations adapted to the diversity of social groups destroy national cohesion and generate conflict. In the case of Muslim immigrants there is several million people scattered in most European countries and not thousands. In France, according to some speculation, the population is over 10 million people, is like a nation within another nation.

In his mind and its source, the jurisdiction of the Sharia is based on the word of the Koran uncreated and therefore can not, without risk of blasphemy be discussed, modified or criticized. This is in contradiction with the rational framework of European law that evolves and adapts to circumstances. Sharia submits freedom of expression and scientific research to religious norms, it discriminates between the sexes and religions, Muslim and non-Muslims, as can be seen now in the modern Muslim countries and even in Europe. The religious divide between people living in the same country will increase. Sharia in its spirit and rules forms a total systemic framework. If one accepts certain elements, such as education of girls or their …read more
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