jihadThe Islamic Jihad claims that it has already started rebuilding tunnels in Gaza, taking an Al-Jazeera reporter on a tour of one of its new underground constructions in a video translated by MEMRI.

An Islamic Jihad operative told the Qatar-owned network that it began rebuilding tunnels “the day the war ended in Gaza.”

It could not be verified if the tunnel in the Al-Jazeera clip is indeed new, however, the Islamic Jihad claim gives backing to comments made by a senior Israeli diplomatic source on Sunday.

The source told reporters that, just two weeks after Operation Protective Edge ended with an Egyptian-brokered truce, Hamas is already working to restore the terrorist tunnels in Gaza, as well as to build up its rocket manufacturing capabilities.

The discovery of attack tunnels leading from Gaza into communities in southern Israel was a main impetus behind Israel’s decision to launch a ground incursion into the Strip in July.

The IDF destroyed more than 30 tunnels during the operation.

via The Jerusalem Post


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