The Japan Prison where he sat for 53 months

After four and a half years of trials and tribulations, isolated in his prison cell in Japan, Yakov Yosef ben Reizel is finally on his way home.

Unimaginable mountains of red tape, that until recently seemed insurmountable, hindered and delayed the prisoner transfer procedure for what seemed like eternity. Reb Aron Nezri stood at the forefront of this painstaking campaign, that has now with great siyaate dishamye come to a close. Details of the transfer were for obvious reasons kept under wraps.

As usual, Yakov Yosef has with great mesirus nefesh continued his shiurei torah diligently, and completed gomoroh masechta Shabbos just yesterday, Tuesday, when local shliach Rabbi Binyamin Edery and his family, came to pay farewell to Yakov Yosef at the Chiba Prison. Rabbi Binyamin Edery and his family have devoted unlimited care and attention to the welfare of Yakov Yosef ever since his detention.

The notorious Chiba prison in Japan, where he spent his last 53 months

Words cannot describe the emotions. Finally, after so many years of pain and suffering, Yakov Yosef arrived at the airport to depart from Japan.

Reb Aron Nezri (London) and Reb Meilech Bindinger (Antwerp) were on the phone with Yakov Yosef’s father (Bnei Brak), monitoring in real-time Yakov Yosef’s release from his jail compound and transfer to the immigration center where procedures start for his transfer to Eretz Yisroel.

During the conference call whilst Yakov Yosef was at immigration, we were alerted that Yakov Yosef now had the opportunity to speak to his father for just half a minute.

For the first time in four and a half years, Yakov Yosef held a telephone to his ear, and with fervor said “Boruch Matir Asurim” to which his father emotionally answered “Amen”, whilst we shed tears of gratitude and relief.

The multitudes of concerned yiden across the globe who davened for Yakov Yosef and never ceased to forget his suffering; the thousands of our dear brethren who contributed towards the efforts to gain Yakov Yosef’s release, wrote letters of chizuk to Yakov Yosef, accepted upon themselves resolutions in Yakov Yosef’s merit, now rejoice along side his dear family.

In conformity to Japan’s stipulations, Yakov Yosef will soon be transferred to an Israeli correctional facility. He and his family will be comforted that he is now close by, and in an environment that respects his religion and speaks his tongue.

At this junction in time, we can only ask that people continue to bear Yakov Yosef ben Reizel in mind in their prayers that he should be soon unconditionally free to rejoin his family.

In the best interest of Yakov Yosef, and to avoid possible negative consequences, the team of Rabonim and askonim involved, endeavored to keep the transfer process as low profile as possible. We apologize for not updating the tzibur on this procedure, however, our opting to confirm the good news only after Yakov Yosef was released from his cell in preparation to come home, was to circumvent damaging repercussions that past media exposure have caused.

The family of Yakov Yosef, and the askonim involved, request that respect should be given to the required discretion, and they not be contacted for further details or interviews.

Source: Press Release



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