Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday mocked pressure within Israel to appease those who threaten economic boycott of the Jewish state by pointing to Israel’s emergence as “a global innovation powerhouse,” which continues to attract the world’s largest companies, including safety products giant Tyco, whose CEO, George Oliver, Bennett met on Friday morning.

“Another day of boycotting…” Bennett wrote on Facebook. “Today, like each day before it, I met another huge international company that wants to increase its activities in Israel. This time, the CEO of Tyco (pictured), the world’s largest company for fire-fighting products and other products that secure buildings.”

Bennett wrote, “Today, I heard the same things I hear from every company CEO: ‘You are an innovative and creative country. We need solutions in (fill in the blank here). We are examining the establishment/expansion of a development center in Israel [which would create hundreds or thousands of jobs here].’”

He said that he continues to be amazed by the Israeli opposition parties “weeping over the mighty international boycott that is closing in on us, unless we give away Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea to the Arabs.”

“Enough already,” he said. “Wake up. Look at what is happening here. Day by day, Israel is becoming a global innovation powerhouse.”

“The German Chancellor came here and said she would never boycott us. The Prime Minister of England came here and said he would never boycott us. The Chairman of the European Parliament came here and said he would never boycott us,” he said.

“So the [Opposition leaders] will continue to weep, and we will continue to build an innovation superpower. Good night.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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