Following a week in which hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza and just hours after a terror attack on a Tel Aviv bus left nearly 30 people injured, Israel is expected to announce that it is holding its fire and ending Operation Pillar of Defense, which began with targeted the killing of top Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari.

Officials estimated Wednesday evening that if Israel holds fire, Hamas and other Palestinian groups in Gaza will face heavy pressure to do so as well.

The arrangement is thought to be almost identical to that which ended Operation Cast Lead some fours years ago: Israel will apparently unilaterally declare a unilateral ceasefire that isn’t stipulated on an agreement with Hamas. The Israeli government believes this will pressure Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to hold their fire as well.

Despite massive rocket fire from Gaza and terror attack in Tel Aviv, Israel expected to announce it is holding its fire. Jerusalem estimates gesture will pressure terror groups into holding fire as well

However, it appears that Israeli agreements with Egypt and the US regarding ways to stop the smuggling of weapons from Sinai to Gaza will be put on paper. Israel will also agree to ease the naval blockade after the cessation of violence.

Source: Ynet News


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