The Israeli flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Israel flag market is booming in Jordan as a rising number of citizens seek the blue and white banner to burn at rallies or stomp on in front of their homes, popular blogger Elder of Ziyon reported on Sunday citing local media outlet Assabeel.

Not long ago, purchasing Israel’s national flag was considered disgraceful in the Hashemite kingdom, but a salesman working at a shop in central Jordan said the current Israeli operation in Gaza has led to the significant boost in sales.

Customers are paying between 5 ($7) and 10 ($14) dinars for the flags, and sometimes even more depending on the material quality. Demand specifically comes from activist movements, political parties and trade unions, according to the report.

In the city of Maan, the municipal council placed an Israeli flag on the floor at the entrance to its building for people to step on upon entering.

Walking on the flag, as well as burning it, is a way for Jordanians to show solidarity with Gazans, political activist and union leader Mahmoud Amin Hiari said. Hiari also explained what he believes to be the significance of the markings on the Israeli flag. He claimed the two blue lines represent the River Nile and the Euphrates River, referring to Isarel’s supposed desired boundaries.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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