Ted 4

By Ted Belman

By my count, Israel is losing the war. The major indicator of this is that Israel is begging for a ceasefire which gives them something while Hamas is refusing a ceasefire other than on her terms.

Israeli leadership is vacillating on what to do while Hamas leadership is determined.

Hamas remains on the offensive and is taking the fight to Israel. This is evident in the fact that the majority of soldier deaths over this weekend were on Israeli soil.

Hamas remains determined even though they have lost over 500 of their fighters while Israel is wobbling with the loss of 10% of that number.Israel had no choice but to invade in order to stop the rocket fire.. As an after thought Israel has focused on the tunnels and the need to demolish them.

Israel refuses to call this a war and refuses to commit to victory. Why not? Why does Israel tolerate Hamas which is dedicated to kill Israel and its people.

If Israel commits to victory the Gaza death toll could easily go up to 5000. In turns of world condemnation, it is already high and can’t go much higher. In fact fatigue will set in just as it has in Syria.

If Israel stops the war now, unilaterally as some suggest or even with a deal for quiet, it will be seen as the loser big time. It will be an humiliating defeat.

Just as Israel had no choice but to go in, she has no choice but to win.

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Source: Israpundit


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