Why doesn’t the Israeli government stand up for the rights of Jews to holy sites?

Giulio Meotti, INN

Mention any biblical and historic site of the Jewish people. You won’t find one preserved and protected by the Israeli establishment.

Not only is the Temple Mount no longer “in our hands”, but its easier substitute, the Western Wall, has also been conceded by Israel’s government to a group of femminists and cultural extremists.

Judaism’s holiest place on earth today is the site of the most severe religious persecution of the Jews. Israeli governments have failed to stand up to wanton Palestinian acts of desecration. It’s the greatest crime of all — a religious and cultural crime of historic proportions.

Under pressure from Europe’s multiculturalists, United States, political Islam and Unesco, which are all trying to “de-Judaize” and “Islamicize” the most holy Jewish sites, the State of Israel seems top be giving up its sovereignty on sacred sites.

These Israeli “leaders”, leftist or rightist, seem proud that Dizengoff has replaced the Western Wall, that Herzliya is surrendering the Cave of the Patriarchs and that Holon is giving up the tomb of Rachel.

Israel is giving legitimacy to a fake Arabized geography which opens the Jüdenrein post-1967 areas, a de-Judaized “holy land”. When last January Benjamin Netanyahu visited the isolated “settlement” of Rechelim, it was called a “historic” visit. Why? Has Israel already forsaken these holy hilltops to the Sunni terrorists?

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem– the second most important Jewish holy sites – have been omitted from the list of Israel’s national heritage sites. If it’s “West Bank” or “Palestine”, as most of Israeli establishment believes, those are justifications for saying that “Jews stole it”.

The problem in fact is that Israeli mainstream has been persuaded to think that the Palestinian Arabs, whose members came to the holy land from the Arabian desert in the 7th century, are the descendants of the non-extant, disappeared “indigenous Canaanites” of the Bible.

Beit HaShalom in Hevron was purchased for a million dollars, but 16 holy Jewish families were evicted by a rightist Israeli government from the premises for no reason at all — as a court ruling issued later determined.

Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus, which is mentioned in the Book of Genesis, is an abandoned site which can be reached by Jewish worshippers only like thieves in the night, escorted by the IDF and only once in a month. It was Ehud Barak, not Hamas, that abandoned the site to the terrorists.

No Jew is permitted to set foot without military escort in the Shalom al Yisrael synagogue of the “city of palms”, Jericho. What is the difference between today’s segregation and that existing between 1948 and 1967, when Jews were denied access to it?

Who knows that the Tomb of Joshua bin Nun is in Kefel Hares?

A few days ago, Israel finalized the deal with the Vatican for the sovereignity over David’s tomb on Mount …read more
Source: Israpundit


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