It is somewhat amazing how quiet in Israel arrived almost in the same unceremonious way that the violence began a scant two weeks prior.  It is certainly additionally remarkable that the Gaza war or fighting or whatever history will shortly categorize it as ended on the dime.  That is just in time for the Likud primary election that took place on Sunday and with ample time to conduct an election campaign that is scheduled for January 22, 2013.

So from this vantage point at this stage of the political game it looks to be fairly certain that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will once again be selected by his party and voters at large to lead the country.  Beyond that there is a great deal in Israel that is way up in the air and that will be decided by the voters, come the third week in January.

The fact is that it just may be more pronounced in the aftermath of Gaza but Israel is very much isolated and alone in the international community and will need a government of people with courage to take on and confront that reality.  A former Knesset Member and icon of modern Jewish activism, Rabbi Meir Kahane, used to say and would probably repeat that sentiment in this current situation by declaring that what is needed in Israel—especially today is “A Jewish head and a Jewish fist.”

One of the realities that needs to be dealt with is that Israel cannot waste its time and energies on being accepted but rather has to express its acceptance of its loneliness and isolation on the world stage as its fate and destiny in this world.  That does not mean turning our backs or thumbing our noses at our neighbors (as they do to us).  But rather to stop dreaming and fantasizing about being accepted in international forums with anything resembling parity with other nations on the globe.

One of the symptoms of this reality is the need for the state of Israel to look inward and do what is good and right for its citizens, the people at home and stop checking on the temperature and feelings of the rest of the world.

At the same time Israel is a classical and successful democracy and one that the rest of that region and perhaps even the rest of the world can learn a great deal from.  More Tomorrow and in this weeks 5TJT.


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