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Spoke persons for Israel are adhering to their talking points. “We deplore the deaths but the responsibility rests with Hamas. They are committing a double war crime, namely hiding among civilians and shooting at civilians.”

Having said that it is hard to complete with pictures of dead and bloodied children even when some of the pictures have been recycled from the Syrian war.

But even if we make the case with an ever increasing number of people, we are left with a major problem that we don’t answer. Even if Hamas is guilty what about the rights of the Palestinians. Why don’t we give them back their lands, Why do we keep building illegal settlements and so on. Bibi’s only response is that we won’t jeopardize our security. In the battle between their rights and our security, Israel is not doing well.

Bibi must embrace the Levy Report and state unequivocally, the land is legally ours and the settlements are not illegal. Then the battle will be their rights v our rights. That’s a better battlefield for Israel.

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Source: Israpundit


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