1Residents Of Judea And Samaria Salute IDF

By Aryeh Savir

Over the past year, life in Judea and Samaria has become a precarious affair due to the increase of terrorism on the roads. The smallest and mundane tasks, running the minutest errands, have become a dangerous incursion into terror-ridden territory.

Recently, as a result of the IDF stepping up its efforts to combat this phenomena, there has been a decrease in the attacks against the civilians living in Judea and Samaria, and a more stable sense of security has been restored. The IDF has engaged in hundreds of arrests, raids, stakeouts, has added patrols and more forces, and the outcome of their actions is tangible. They have not been successful in completely eradicating the assaults, but a better sense of security and safety has been restored to the region.

The residents of Judea and Samaria wished to express their gratitude to the security forces for their augmented efforts, and did so by holding a special rally on Friday, July 8, marching from Talmon to the nearby IDF base. Hundreds of residents, entire families marched, bearing packed goods, flowers, drawings prepared by children, and other such gifts for the soldiers stationed there. When they got to the base they hung balloons on the perimeter fence.

Ravid Sharon, one of the organizers, said, “IDF has been operating overtly and covertly, and has achieved real results. We can all sense the improved state of security. We are all thankful for the peace and quiet which has returned to the region, and we felt an obligation and a prerogative to thank those who have worked to restore the peace.”

Emily Amrusi, a resident of Talmon who participated in the rally, added, “When we sleep peacefully at night there is someone awake. Gratitude is a value which is important for ourselves and our children. When the security situation deteriorated we knew to protest. Now that things have improved we are obligated to express our gratitude.” (Tazpit News Agency) v

Specialized Medical Team Averts Recurrent Miscarriages

By Daniela Feldman

Following nine miscarriages and 17 years of marriage, a couple from Georgia, Eastern Europe, has finally become parents thanks to treatment in Israel. Michael and Tamari Berikashvili of Tbilisi, Georgia, last week miraculously welcomed their beautiful daughter Mariam into the world.

Following almost two decades of the heartbreak resulting from an inability to carry their repeated pregnancies to term, doctors in Georgia advised the couple to consult with specialists at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa.

The Berikashvilis traveled across the continent to meet with Prof. Benjamin Brenner, Rambam’s director of the Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Institute and the head of the hospital’s coagulation unit.

Michael said, “We came to Rambam to check the reason for our repeated miscarriages. For many years, we did not know what the problem was, but the tests given by Prof. Brenner found that Tamari has a condition called hematologic hypercoagulability.”

This condition, also known as thrombophilia, is common among women who have recurring miscarriages. Dr. Brenner and researchers at Rambam’s coagulation unit found the link between repeated miscarriages and thrombophilia, and have determined an effective treatment for the prevention of these miscarriages.

Physicians are able to diagnose thrombophilia with a simple blood test, but the Berikashvilis did not have access to this procedure in Georgia. Once diagnosed, Tamari was given proper medication and became pregnant for the tenth time. Because of the risk involved with such a pregnancy, the couple returned to Israel after 13 weeks gestation, rented an apartment in Ramat Gan, and frequently visited Rambam for consultations with Prof. Ido Solt, the director of Rambam’s special unit for high-risk pregnancies.

“It’s not easy to go through all this when we were between Israel and Georgia,” Tamari admitted, “but we waited seventeen years together, and I was ready to do everything to become a mom. We made sure to talk to and update our family in Georgia constantly. Meanwhile, the hospital staff was with us all the time and helped us through the process.”

When the couple left Rambam on July 7, they were escorted by nurses and physicians who had been involved with their treatment throughout the pregnancy, culminating in little Mariam’s birth. The couple said that Rambam has become their second home after developing a strong connection to all those who gave them such dedicated care. (IMP Media) v

Golan Heights Winery Wins Gold

Hot on the heels of their recent golds at the Decanter awards in London and Wine Enthusiast awards in New York City, the Golan Heights Winery scooped another gold medal at the Citadelles du Vin awards in Bordeaux, France.

The winery won two silver medals, one for the Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, and one for the Yarden Syrah, Avital Vineyard, 2008. But it was the 2011 Yarden Heights Wine that enthralled the judges and netted the winery a gold medal.

The unique richness of this dessert wine encompasses exotic fruity scents and spices. Despite being a sweet wine, the Yarden Heights Wine has an excellent acidity, leaving a refreshing finish. It consistently wins awards year after year, captivating wine experts and novices alike.

The Citadelles du Vin awards are held in high esteem by wine experts worldwide. Thousands of wines are judged by international experts and the competition is attended by wine buyers, marketers, and restaurateurs. It is an extremely high honor for Israel to receive such awards and draw the attention of the wine community. v


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