Jerusalem Post — The Israel Prison Service published on Sunday overnight a list of 26 Palestinian prisoners who will be released from Israeli jails ahead of renewed peace negotiations after a ministerial panel approved their release.

The prisoners to be released are as follows. Click here for a more detailed list of the prisoners, including the charges for which they were jailed and their victims.

1.) Fayez Mutawi al-Khur, arrested in November 1985
2.) Salah Ibrahim Ahmed Mugdad, arrested in June 1993
3.) Samir Nayef al-Na’neesh, arrested in March 1989
4.) Yusef Abdel Hamid Irshaid, arrested in March 1993
5.) Mustafa Othman al-Haj, arrested in June 1989
6.) Salameh Abdallah Musleh, arrested in October 1993
7.) Atiyeh Salem Musa, arrested in March 1994
8.) Salah Mahmoud Mukled, arrested in July 1993
9.) Mohamed Abdel Majid Sawalha, arrested in December 1990
10.) Atef Izzat Sha’ath, arrested in March 1993
11.) Yusef Said al-Al, arrested in February 1994
12.) Midhat Fayez Barbakh, arrested in January 1994
13.) Ali Ibrahim al-Rai, arrested in April 1994
14.) Mohamed Jaber Nashbat, arrested in September 1990
15.) Samir Hussein Murtaji, arrested in October 1993
16.) Hosni Faregh Sawalha, arrested in December 1990
17.) Faraj Saleh al-Rimahi, arrested in July 1992
18.) Ala eddin Ahmed Abu Sitteh, arrested in January 1994
19.) Ayman taleb Abu Sitteh, arrested in January 1994
20.) Esmat Omar Mansour, arrested in October 1993
21.) Khaled Mohamed Asakreh, arrested in May 1991
22.) Nihad Yusef Jundiyeh, arrested in July 1989
23.) Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdiyeh, arrested in July 1989
24.) Jamil Abdel Wahab Natsheh, arrested in December 1992
25.) Taher Mohamed Zaboud, arrested in February 1993
26.) Sabih Abed Hammed Borhan, arrested in February 2001

The names of the prisoners were released on the Israel Prisons Service website after the families of the victims were notified of the pending release. The public now has 48 hours to appeal the release.

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