By Larry Gordon

Israel Pulling Back

It is good to see Israel repositioning their troops to the outskirts of Gaza.  The Gaza Strip is a sinkhole that no one wants a part of, not Israel, not Egypt or any other Middle Easter country.  Some would like to have seen Israel takeover the entire strip but that would have arduously expensive in both blood and treasure, hence the pull back.

If the new ceasefire holds and that is unfortunately doubtful, Hamas at some point will declare victory over Israel in this four week war.  A high Israel military official said on Sunday that Israel could have taken over the entire Gaza in less than ten days.  They do not want it no one wants it.

So Hamas will declare victory and that is because victory for them includes brutalizing and victimizing their own people.  Thousands of people are now homeless, with little food and no electricity.  Their borders to Egypt and of course to Israel are closed.  Over 1,700 people died and thousands more were injured with an inept health care system to care for them.

Their leaders, however, are safe in Qatar and Cairo far from the maddening violence.  They issue orders to shoot and kill and then watch it all on their big screen TV’s over a lavish lunch.

Last week the US transferred $47 million in emergency aid to Gaza.  Where exactly did that money go?  No one knows.

This is victory.



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