, the internet’s premiere location for Israeli music, has compiled 15 of the top Israeli songs for your Yom HaAtzmaut listening pleasure.

Hosted since 1994 by Josh Shron and Mairov Dubrovsky, The Israel Hour offers the very best in Israeli music — from classic favorites to contemporary hits.

“This is one of my favorite shows of the year, said Shron. “Of all the great music we play, the “Shirei Eretz Yisrael”, songs of Israel, are always inspirational and emotional. And though we rarely hear new patriotic music on the radio here in America, Israeli artists write new love songs to Israel each and every year. I’m honored and excited to celebrate Israel’s 70th on the radio with this beautiful, uplifting playlist.”

Listen to the collection here .


  1. Eyal Golan – Yisrael
  2. Eli Gorenstein – L’artzi Yesh Yom Huledet
  3. Subliminal – Bat Shishim
  4. Lior Narkis & Yardena Arazi – Yisrael Sheli
  5. Sarit Hadad – Baruch Haba L’yisrael
  6. Heveinu Shalom Aleichem / Yom Ha’atzmaut Mix
  7. Ilanit – Yisrael Sheli Chogeget
  8. Rami Kleinstein & Yishai Levy – Od Lo Tamu Kol Pla’ayich
  9. David Dahari & Aharon Yarimi – Eretz Nehederet
  10. Hatikvah 6 – Hachi Yisraeli
  11. Lahakat Chel Hayam – Rak B’yisrael
  12. Arik Lavie – Ata Yisraeli
  13. Ilanit – Yisraelit and
  14. Edna Lev – Hedegel Sheli
  15. Gali Atari + Eden Ben Zaken – Halleluyah


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