By Ben Dror Yemini, Maariv, November 3, 2013

In a certain Israeli university department a seminar included the
presentation of “field research” on the subject of Israeli colonialism
under the occupation. The seminar was conducted by a professor who is
active in the BALAD (Arab fascist – SP) party and his two course
assistants were radical leftist activists. The “field research” for the
course was funded by radical leftist organizations.

In a different school a book was published containing articles about the
Israeli control of the occupied territories. Every single chapter, with no
exceptions, was written by radical leftists. In a different school of
social sciences, 10 out of the 11 members of the faculty are radical
leftists. In the past and following complaints from students, we exposed
the fact (in Maariv) that a “law clinic” is being operated by the
University of Haifa that is an extension and subsidiary of the (radical
Arab nationalist anti-Israel – SP) ADALAH organization. This is the same
department that in the pass cancelled the singing of the national anthem at
graduation ceremonies. All the above is just a very small sample. New
findings indicate that the problem is worsening.

What is interesting and fascinating is the automatic Pavlovian reaction of
all the spokespersons and officials — that it is all just academic freedom.
… Yes of course having a marketplace for competing ideas is essential. The
problem is that the competition of ideas is disappearing. In many a
department in the social sciences, there exists hegemony by anti-Zionist
and post-Zionist ideology.

In a certain academic journal recently an article written by a professor
who is a member of MERETZ was rejected because it carried some Zionist
content. In other journals, articles that do not toe the line and sing the
anti-Zionist tune are rejected by an editor who is part of the anti-Zionist
choir. The university heads, who are not part of this trend (oh no? —
SP), are living in denial. … The result is the liquidation of academic

In Israeli academia, anyone who is not a member of the bolshevik horde has
difficulties finding positions and getting in, and his articles will not
get published, or he will simply be treated as an outcast. So the problem
here is not heterodox ideas and opinions, or even the university law clinic
that functions as an extension of a radical political organization. The
problem is quite simply that Israel is losing its academic freedom, which
is being replaced by academic bolshevism. Because there is not the
slightest chance in hell that any university will ever open a law clinic
that is under the control of some radical rightwing organization, and it is
good that this is so. But every case of “collaboration” is always in a
single direction, that with radical leftist organizations.

It is quite possible that the “Im Tirtzu” student group is, as the
university chiefs claim, interested in provocations. Fine, let the
university chiefs prove that their charges are false. Come show …read more
Source: Israpundit


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