Lieutenant Colonel G., the Israeli Air Force’s first female squadron commander. Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

The Israeli Air Force has appointed the first female squadron commander in its 70-year history.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, the commander, who for security reasons is referred to only as “G.,” will be promoted to lieutenant colonel and put charge of the 122nd Squadron, known as “Nachshon.” The squadron is composed of planes specifically geared toward intelligence gathering.

The 34-year-old G. has been active in the Air Force since 2003, and has served in several command positions, including deputy commander of the “Nachshon” Squadron itself.

G. — currently a major — said that she was “happy with the appointment,” which she called “a great privilege alongside a great responsibility.”

“The real work is ahead of me,” she added. “I’m proud to serve in the Air Force.”

Galia Wallach, chairwoman of the Israeli women’s rights organization Naamat, hailed G.’s accomplishment, saying, “We are talking about another goal achieved and we must ensure that it’s not the last. I praise the IDF, the Air Force commander, and especially Lieutenant Colonel G. who won the post through merit and not pity. The IDF sent an important message today to Israeli women — even the skies are not the limit for you.”