A family member shows a picture of four of the 12 missing boys. Photo: Asia Times

The 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach are safe and free after 18 days and Israeli technology was instrumental in their rescue!

Uzi Hanoni, CEO of Yavne-based Maxtech, was contacted by Thai officials who placed an order for his firm’s communications gear. Hanoni described the equipment as “communication systems that create networks on the spot, designed for areas where there is no communications infrastructure. The network allows for the transmission of data, voice and video under severe circumstances such as flooding.”

“We gave them our devices and the rescue teams in the caves used them to communicate,” Hanoni continued. “We didn’t ask any money for this. When I heard the story, my partner and I decided to donate the systems. These systems cost over $100,000, and we are a small company. That’s the Israeli contribution to this rescue effort.”

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