The Israeli security establishment suspects that Iranian agents followed an Israeli engineer, an employee of the country’s security industry, while he was abroad for a conference, Channel 10 News reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, during the conference, the engineer noticed that he was being followed and photographed by people he didn’t recognize. He turned to the local Israeli security envoy to apprise him of the surveillance, and was transferred to another hotel.

Word was then conveyed to the engineer’s employer, who raised the suspicion that the man had been followed by Iranian agents, the report said.

Channel 10 quoted sources close to the engineer who said that the man was very fearful following the incident. They noted that he considered cutting short his stay abroad and returning to Israel.

Tehran has made no secret of desire to ‘get even’ for killings of its nuclear scientists

Over the years, at least five scientists in the Iranian nuclear program have died under mysterious circumstances, and according to assessments, Israel may have been behind the apparent clandestine assassinations.

Iran has made no secret of the fact that it wishes to “get even” with Israel.

In a July 18 suicide bombing in the airport of the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas, five Israelis were killed, along with the driver of their tour bus.

In January, three men attempted to attack two Israelis in Azerbaijan. In February, efforts to harm Israeli interests were undertaken in India (where the wife of an Israeli diplomat was injured in a bombing), Thailand and Georgia. On July 2, Iranian nationals with explosives, trying to attack Israeli targets, were arrested in Kenya. On July 14, police in Cyprus arrested a man for allegedly planning attacks against Israeli interests there.

Source: Times Of Israel


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