After 6-year old’s Tragic and Unexplained Death, Israeli Father Swims Around New York City to Help Raise Funds for Sudden Cardiac Death Research at Rambam Medical Center

New York, NY, July 24, 2017…The death of Guy Cohen’s six-year-old daughter Netta from a sudden and unexplained cardiac incident on her first day of first grade has driven him to work to find an answer and cure via marathon swimming.

Cohen has become an Ambassador for Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center in its quest to find a cure for Sudden Cardiac Death.  As part of his efforts, on Sunday, Guy took part in the third annual 20 Bridges Swim, a marathon 8-hour swim around Manhattan. “The 20 Bridges Swim  is a reflection of the close connection forged between Rambam and myself, including the struggle to find the cause and cure of Sudden Cardiac Death. If I could have in any way prevented that loss, I would have probably swam around the world to save Netta. I know that what Rambam and the extraordinary work being done there will save the lives of many other children,” he said.

Added Richard S. Hirschhaut, AFORAM’s National Executive Director: “Guy Cohen personifies the unrelenting spirit of Rambam Medical Center to pursue scientific knowledge to help save lives. Having overcome great personal tragedy, Guy has channeled his energies toward the challenge of finding the cause and cure for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD).  As the inspiration for Rambam’s annual Swim from the Heart event, Guy’s efforts already have helped to fund breakthrough medical research.  He is a true ambassador of healing and hope.”


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