Israelis Grammar Nerds Tweak Hamas’ Over Psy-Ops Mistakes Photo: Twitter.

While the rocket war between Hamas and Israel continues overhead, the online psy-ops battle between the sides is also picking up steam.

Well, if only Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades cyber warriors knew how to mind their grammar P’s and Q’s (or should that be Hebrew “peh’s” and “kuf’s?”).

Despite their best efforts to “sow fear and dismay in the ranks of the (Israeli) enemy,” snarky — and decidedly undismayed — Israeli grammarians replied with tongue-in-cheek corrections to many of the SMS, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Twenty-seven-year-old Elizabeth Tsurkov of Ramat Gan — an editor by profession and a supporter of human rights group — drolly wrote, “…you really need the person responsible for your (Twitter) account to be in charge of the SMS as well because the Hebrew is sometimes really bad and doesn’t come out frightening at all.”

Tsurkov replied to another “threatening” Tweet by correcting the sender’s use of masculine and feminine Hebrew tenses. ”‘Brigades’ is masculine, and should have been ‘The Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades’ using the feminine form…”

Radio and television commentators on Thursday wryly derided the Palestinian text messages sent to thousands, in the wake of an early-morning attempted tunnel infiltration into Israel, foiled by the IDF.

Much of the back-and-forth between the sides began last Wednesday, when Hamas, or possibly other anti-Israel hackers tried to sow alarm and confusion among Israelis with the fake text messages.

The effort came on the second day of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge aimed at ending incessant rocket fire from Gaza.

Numerous Israelis received SMS (text) message alerts, presumably sent by the Israeli Ha’aretz daily, alleging that a chemical plant located in Haifa, Israel’s chief port, was hit by a rocket fired out of Gaza.

“Rocket from Gaza hit petrochemical plant in Haifa, huge fire, possible chemical leak, advised to evacuate Haifa,” the pseudo alert read. “Just Now: 25 Israelis killed in missile hit Haifa.”

Haifa is fine, btw, but the author gets an “F” in fear-inducing.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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